About Us

Prime Education Consultant: To provide the best admissions counselling possible to aspiring college and graduate students.

We understand how stressful and time consuming the admissions process can be for applicants, and how increasing competition for places in top schools and programs has added to that pressure. Prime Education helps its clients increase their chances of gaining entry to their preferred programs by pairing them with appropriate admissions consultants.

Although Prime Education Consultancy is headquartered in New Delhi, we draw on admissions experts from across India. Each consultant has a specific area of specialization (college, graduate, law, MBA or medical school admissions) that we take into consideration when we pair consultants with clients. As a result, you work with a consultant who will provide you with one-on-one service and honest admissions assessments that draw on a depth of experience unmatched in the admissions consultancy industry.

Prime Educational Consultancy has been formed with the sole objective of Career Counseling and Admission Guidance to students in all the professional courses throughout India. The vast spectrum of choices available to the students many times leads to wrong choices, so it becomes essential to have the correct knowledge of the background and status of the college.

It is practically impossible for students and parents to visit each Institute. But as the whole future of the student depends on this one choice, they have to be extra careful.

We at Prime Educational excel in providing all assistance possible to the candidate for his secure future. We ensure in helping the candidate in making the right decision which will have a long-lasting impact on his career.

But why are we different? Because in a sector dominated by the large corporations on the one hand, and small, single-destination providers on the other, we’ll combine the best of both worlds.

We’ll offer the benefits of choice and reliability that come from global scale.

But we’ll still be small enough to offer customized personal service. We’ll always have the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of agents and their students.

Our Mission

1. To smoothen the progress of harmonizing strong prospective students with the most appropriate higher education programs in India.

2.To endorse the overseas educational opportunities in India, with the aid of esteemed and renowned institutes of USA, Australia, UK, Canada and Ireland.

3.To provide up-to-date information to the student-society, about the various aspects of educational institutes and courses in India.